Why should I use a Travel Agent

Why should I use a Travel Agents

Welcome to my travel blog. One question I am often asked is “Why should I use a Travel Agent?” I would
like to make the assertion that you should never go on vacation without using me as your experienced
full service travel agent.

Consumers want an artisanal and hand-crafted travel experience. To accomplish this, you need a real
person that has actually traveled extensively, and can listen to your goals and provide you with a
curated package, just for you.

Here are a few benefits of booking your travel through Living My Life Like Its Golden Travel Movement,

1. Increased access to fares that are not made public.

I often have access to a myriad of great deals from suppliers based on an extensive travel network. You
won’t find these in on-line click to purchase portals.

2. Excellent customer service.

If any unforeseen delays occur on your trip and you need assistance, an online booking company will
send you through a phone tree for hours. If you book with a human being, you have a name and number
you can turn to during a moment of crisis to ease the burden and facilitate options for you.

I provide reminders prior to your trip of items needed prior to departure of entry requirements, review cultural
norms for your chosen destination, currency exchange recommendations, and in destination
communication to ensure the trip is going as planned.

3. Provide a world class, stress free experience by doing the work for you.

The average traveler spends more than 15 hours researching prior to booking travel. I have years of
experience and can provide numerous options to you quickly. You may spend hours comparing
itineraries that I can find in minutes. I make a booking page for your group to make their deposits and

This takes that responsibility away from the group leader to enjoy preparing for the trip
instead of managing the trip. Once you work with me, I will store your preferences on file to help you
narrow down your options as quickly as possible for future trips. I will become your agent for life and
plan any special occasion your heart desires.

4. Niche travel market expert to ensure you have someone knowledgeable with real travel

I specialize in what’s called a “niche market.” instead of being a jack of all traits, I focus my expertise,
certifications, and marketing to a very specific kind of traveler. I specialize in group travel with expertise
in international markets including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and more. Find an agent that is
specialized to meet your needs.

If you needed surgery, you wouldn’t go to a generalist, you would find a
specialist. Travel is no different. Allow me to bring my years

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