Travel Concierge Services

Travel Concierge Services

Welcome to my travel blog. One question I am often asked is, “Why should I use a travel concierge?” I would like to make the assertion that you should never go on vacation without using me as a travel concierge.

Consumers want an artisanal and handcrafted travel experience. To accomplish this, you need a real person with extensive travel experience who can listen to your goals and create a curated package just for you.

Here are a few benefits of booking your travel through Living My Life Like It’s Golden Travel Movement, LLC:

1. Increased access to hundreds of suppliers that are not made public

 I often have access to a myriad of great deals from suppliers based on my extensive travel network. You won’t find these in online click to purchase portals. One-line portals offer cookie-cutter vacations, not an expertly crafted, curated experience.

2. Provide a world-class, stress-free experience by doing the work for you.

 The average traveler spends more than 15 hours researching prior to booking travel. I have years of experience in international travel. You may spend hours comparing itineraries that I can find in minutes. My trips are stress-free. I do the work, and you pack your bags and go. I will store your preferences in my database and keep you informed of those “bucket list” vacations you’ve wanted to check off your list.  I will become your travel concierge for life and ensure that all your travel dreams become a reality.

3. Niche travel market expert to ensure you have someone knowledgeable with real travel experience.

I specialize in what’s called a “niche market.” Instead of being a jack of all trades, I focus my expertise, certifications, and marketing on a very specific kind of traveler. My clients are busy professionals who work hard, love to travel, but prefer that someone else take care of the details so they can pack their bags and just go! 

I specialize in romance travel for couples, Girlz Trips, and Bruz Trips in international markets including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Find a travel concierge that is specialized to meet your needs. If you need surgery, you won’t go to a generalist; you’ll find a specialist. Travel is no different. Allow me to bring my years of international travel experience to help build lasting memories, one vacation at a time.

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